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Does Lidl sell disposable BBQ?


Lidl, the popular discount supermarket chain, has gained a reputation for offering a wide range of affordable products. From groceries to household items, Lidl caters to the needs of budget-conscious shoppers. But what about disposable BBQs? Are they available at Lidl?

The answer is yes, Lidl does sell disposable BBQs. Whether you’re planning a spontaneous picnic in the park or a camping trip with friends, disposable BBQs can be a convenient and hassle-free option. And Lidl recognizes the demand for these portable grills.

Exploring Lidl’s Range of Disposable BBQs

Lidl offers a selection of disposable BBQ options, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs. These BBQs are designed for single-use and are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up wherever you desire.

If you visit your local Lidl store, you’ll likely find disposable BBQs during the summer months when outdoor gatherings and barbecues are more frequent. However, it’s worth noting that stock availability may vary depending on the location and season.

Benefits of Disposable BBQs

Disposable BBQs offer several benefits that make them appealing to many shoppers. Some advantages include:

  1. Convenience: Disposable BBQs eliminate the need for extensive preparation and cleanup. They come pre-filled with charcoal and are ready to use straight out of the packaging.
  2. Portability: These BBQs are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for impromptu outdoor events or camping trips.
  3. Affordability: Compared to larger, traditional BBQs, disposable options are generally more cost-effective.

Considerations When Using Disposable BBQs

While disposable BBQs offer convenience, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Environmental Impact: Due to their single-use nature, disposable BBQs can contribute to waste. Proper disposal is crucial to minimize their environmental impact.
  2. Cooking Space: Disposable BBQs are typically smaller than traditional grills, which means you may have limited cooking space. This is something to consider if you’re planning to cook for a large group.
  3. Cooking Time: Disposable BBQs tend to heat up quickly but may not provide consistent heat throughout the cooking process. Adjusting cooking times accordingly can help you achieve desired results.

“Disposable BBQs offer convenience and affordability for outdoor cooking, but it’s important to be mindful of their potential environmental impact,” says John Doe, a grilling enthusiast.

In Conclusion

In summary, Lidl does offer disposable BBQs as part of its diverse product range. These portable grills provide convenience and affordability for those looking to enjoy outdoor cooking without the need for a permanent BBQ setup. However, it is essential to consider their environmental impact and any limitations they may have in terms of cooking space and consistency. So next time you’re at Lidl, keep an eye out for their selection of disposable BBQs to make your outdoor gatherings even more enjoyable.

Can you buy a portable BBQ?

If you enjoy outdoor cooking or frequently go on camping trips, a portable BBQ can be a fantastic investment. Whether you want to grill burgers, cook vegetables, or even roast marshmallows, a portable BBQ offers convenience and the ability to enjoy delicious meals wherever you go.

Benefits of a Portable BBQ

A portable BBQ offers numerous advantages, making it a popular choice among outdoor cooking enthusiasts:

  1. Portability: As the name suggests, portable BBQs are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. They are compact enough to fit in your car trunk or even carry by hand, making them perfect for picnics, camping trips, and beach parties.
  2. Versatility: Despite their small size, portable BBQs offer various cooking options. Most models include grilling grates and some even have additional features like rotisseries or smokers.
  3. Convenience: Portable BBQs are usually quick and easy to set up, allowing you to start cooking almost immediately. They also require less space and cleanup compared to larger, permanent BBQs.

Choosing the Right Portable BBQ

When purchasing a portable BBQ, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Determine how many people you typically cook for and choose a size that suits your needs.
  • Fuel Type: Portable BBQs are available in charcoal, gas, and electric options. Consider which fuel type is most convenient for you.
  • Features: Decide if you need any additional features like side tables, temperature gauges, or storage compartments.

“A portable BBQ offers convenience and the ability to enjoy delicious meals wherever you go.”

Popular Portable BBQ Brands in the UK

In the UK, there are several reputable brands that offer high-quality portable BBQs:

Brand Features
Weber Well-known for their durability and excellent heat retention
Cadac Offers versatile cooking options with interchangeable cooking surfaces
Outback Known for their robust construction and powerful burners

Ultimately, whether you’re planning a family camping trip or a day at the park, a portable BBQ will allow you to enjoy delicious outdoor meals. With the right choice, you can create memorable culinary experiences wherever you go.

Who has stopped selling disposable barbecues?

With the growing concern for environmental sustainability, several retailers in the UK have made the commendable decision to stop selling disposable barbecues. These single-use grills have become increasingly popular over the years due to their convenience and affordability. However, the negative impact they have on the environment, particularly through carbon emissions and waste production, has led to a shift in consumer attitudes and retailer practices.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, one of the leading UK retailers, has taken a proactive approach by removing disposable barbecues from its shelves. Recognizing the detrimental effects these products have on the environment, the company has made a commitment to offering more sustainable alternatives. Their focus is now on promoting reusable barbecues and providing customers with greener options for outdoor cooking.


Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, has also responded to the environmental concerns associated with disposable barbecues. The company has made a promise to phase out these single-use grills in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage customers to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Tesco aims to offer alternative solutions that prioritize sustainability, such as portable, reusable barbecues that can be used multiple times.


Waitrose, known for its commitment to sustainability, has joined the movement against disposable barbecues. The retailer has removed these products from its stores, seeking to promote environmentally friendly choices for outdoor cooking. Waitrose encourages customers to invest in long-lasting barbecues made from sustainable materials, as well as promoting the use of natural fuels instead of charcoal briquettes.

“By stopping the sale of disposable barbecues, these retailers are taking a positive step towards protecting our environment and encouraging more sustainable practices.”

These recent actions by major retailers indicate a growing awareness of the need for sustainable living in the UK. By ceasing the sale of disposable barbecues, these companies are demonstrating their commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions. Consumers are also becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment, and are seeking greener alternatives for their barbecuing needs.

Which Supermarkets Have Banned Portable Barbecues?

A portable barbecue is a convenient way to enjoy outdoor cooking on the go. However, not all supermarkets permit the use of portable barbecues in their premises. If you’re planning a picnic or a camping trip and are considering purchasing a portable barbecue from your local supermarket, it’s important to know which ones have specific policies against them.


Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, has banned the use of portable barbecues in their store premises. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and comfort of their customers, as well as to prevent any potential fire hazards.


Similarly, Asda, another prominent supermarket in the UK, does not allow the use of portable barbecues within their stores. They prioritize the safety of their customers and have implemented this policy to avoid any accidents or damage to their premises.


Morrisons, a well-known supermarket chain, also prohibits the use of portable barbecues inside their stores. This rule is enforced to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and customer safety throughout their locations.


Unlike the aforementioned supermarkets, Sainsbury’s does permit the use of portable barbecues in designated areas of their car parks. This allows customers to enjoy outdoor grilling while adhering to safety guidelines and ensuring that other shoppers are not inconvenienced.

In summary, when it comes to portable barbecues, Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons do not allow their use within their store premises. On the other hand, Sainsbury’s offers a compromise by permitting their use in designated areas of their car parks. It’s always a good idea to check with your local supermarket or their website for specific rules and regulations regarding portable barbecues to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Has Asda stopped selling disposable BBQ?

Disposable barbecues have long been a popular choice for outdoor gatherings and impromptu cookouts. They offer convenience and simplicity, making them a go-to option for many. However, recent reports suggest that supermarket giant Asda has made the decision to stop selling disposable BBQs in their stores.

The environmental impact

One of the main reasons behind this decision is the growing concern about the environmental impact of disposable BBQs. These single-use items are often made with non-recyclable materials and can release harmful chemicals when burned. Asda’s move is part of their commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Alternatives to disposable BBQs

While it may be disappointing for some customers, there are plenty of alternatives to disposable BBQs that are both eco-friendly and practical. One popular option is investing in a reusable portable grill, which can be easily transported and used multiple times. Electric grills are also a great choice, as they are cleaner and more energy-efficient than traditional charcoal BBQs.

Importance of making greener choices

As consumers, it’s important for us to consider the environmental impact of our choices. By opting for greener alternatives, we can reduce waste and help protect the planet. Asda’s decision to stop selling disposable BBQs aligns with this mindset, encouraging customers to make more sustainable choices when it comes to outdoor cooking.

“Choosing reusable or electric grills not only benefits the environment but also offers a better long-term investment, as they can be used repeatedly.”

Pros of Reusable BBQs Cons of Disposable BBQs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective in the long run
  • Higher quality cooking
  • Reusable
  • Environmental impact
  • Non-recyclable materials
  • Chemical release when burned
  • Single-use

In conclusion, Asda’s decision to stop selling disposable BBQs reflects the growing concern over their environmental impact. This move encourages customers to consider greener alternatives, such as reusable or electric grills, which offer both practicality and sustainability. By making more conscious choices, we can all contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment.