Vaello La Valenciana 6030 Ecoset with 1 Burner 300 Mm, Grill Pan Square Legs 36 cm, Steel, Black

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This is a professional quality pan and outdoor burner made in Valencia by Vaello Campos S.L, Spain’s premier manufacturer of Paella equipment. A 38cm pan will serve 3 to 4 people as a main course or 5 to 6 people as a tapas portion. Manufactured from polished Carbon Steel the pans are very well made and durable, they feature Vaello’s signature twin black riveted handles and a dimpled base to allow for an even distribution of heat across the base of the pan. The gas burner ring is also made by Vaello and measures 30cm in diameter and is the perfect accompliment for the 38cm Paella pan. The burner is extremely well made and finished in black enamel and has a fully adjustable temperature control knob. The burner comes with a standard UK fitting for standard UK gas hoses (hose and 2 jubilee clips are supplied). You will need a regulator (see our other listings for details). The burner will run on either Propane, Butane, Patio or Camping Gaz. Also included in the kit are 3 heavy duty red powder coated steel tripod legs to fix your burner onto to raise the whole set up off the floor to enable you to cook away with ease. Drilled holes in the burner supports and in the steel legs means the whole thing bolts together with the minimum of ease in about 5 minutes flat. All bolts are supplied. The pans require virtually no maintenance at all – just wash them when you are done and dry them immediately. Then coat the surface with a rubbing of any kind of vegetable oil to prevent it from rusting. As you use your paella pan it will tarnish slightly as it becomes seasoned, changing colour and absorbing more flavours as you use it more and more. This is totally normal and should be expected. The burners require no maintenance at all – keep them dry and store in a dry place. DO NOT LEAVE OUTSIDE UNCOVERED TO GET WET OR DAMP.


  • Allow to carry all the equipment necessary to cook a paella both outdoors and indoors
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Contains 1 burner and 1 grill pan and square legs
  • Burner measures 300 mm daimeter, 36 cm daimeter grill pan and 36 cm legs
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