Palm Springs 13KW Steel Gas Patio Heater


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Product Description

One of the most powerful and effective patio heaters on the market today, the Palm Springs Patio Heater throws out up to 13KW of heat to keep you and your guests nice and warm at parties, BBQ’s, dinners and more. For anyone that enjoys being outside, there is no more effective way to provide warmth than these gas heaters. They are lit within a couple of seconds, and provide immediate heat in a wide area.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – this patio heater is designed for gas pressure of 37mbar. This is the common standard in the UK – however this might not be the case overseas, such as in Germany where the pressure standard is 50mbar – the patio heater should not be used with different pressure gas unless an appropriate regulator is attached. This unit is supplied with a regulator for UK gas bottles only – other countries may require different regulators.


  • Adjustable power output from 5kw to 13kw to allow you to adjust how much warmth you would like
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Runs off propane or butane gas
  • Height 2.2m – 7ft 2 
  • Flux – 450 – 870 g/hour
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