BillyOh Texas Smoker BBQ Charcoal Grill Portable Outdoor Barbecue Grey 115x65x107cm


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Product Description

BillyOh Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill Smoker Grill Portable BBQ

We humans have an innate magnetism for open-air smoke, and char-grilled meat. Especially if it is a weekend and the whole family is here watching fixtures and drinking beer. The Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill is the ideal partner a grill master would want to have. A powder-coated, stainless steel grill that found the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Extended Side Shelf

Extra strong shelf holds up plates of meat and condiment.

Just fold it down when not in use.

This also comes handy when holding up your drinks while you turn the meat.

Attached Bottle Opener

The small things make big difference. Attached within the frame is a bottle opener.

You can’t drink and drive, but you sure can drink and grill!

Enamelled Stainless Steel Grate

The Charcoal BBQ Grill sports an extra layer of grate for keeping cooked food warm on top of the spacious cooking area.

Overall Functionality

Utility hooks attached to the side shelf keeps your tongs organised.

Control the heat temperature with the crank on the side of the hood.

Thick framing and wheels makes sure your BBQ grill is stable but movable.

Ash Drawer

The Charcoal BBQ comes with an ash drawer to ensure that charcoal particles do not get to your food.

Assembled Dimensions: 3’9″ x 2’2″ x 3’9″ (115cm x 65cm x 107cm)
Width: 3’9″ (115cm)
Depth: 2’2″ (65cm)
Height: 3’6″ (107cm)
Height Open: 4’6″ (136cm)
Height Closed: 3’6″ (107cm)
Grate Shelf (WxL): 32×60 (32×60)
Grilling Area (WxL): 1’2″ x 1’10” (36cm x 55cm)
Grill Shelf (WxL): 25×54 (25×54)
Folding Side Shelf (WxL): 30×44 (30×44)


  • Wide Hood with Thermometer and Heat-Controlling Crank
  • Includes Folding Side Table with Hooks and Bottle Opener
  • Dishwasher Safe Grills for Easy Cleaning
  • Enamelled Steel BBQ Grill
  • Total Dimension: W115 x D65 x H107 cm
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